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It has never been more obvious that physical health should be a bigger priority than it is. But where do you start? Fitness professionals have been guarding the 'secrets' to physical fitness for decades because it's how they earn a living and as a result every piece of information and guidance you read online immediately has hundreds of people claiming the opposite! What separates me from a lot of other Trainers is that I have done it myself, I was never in good shape as a child, teenager or even as an adult. I had to re-learn everything and find out for myself what does and does not work in the real world. I've already done the groundwork so that you can dive in without having to go through the years of trial and error that so many before you have.

"The future is not set; there is no fate but what we make
for ourselves."
-Kyle Rees, 1984


I can offer you education, motivation, and a whole lot of hard work.

If you are ready to take on the task then contact me below, purchase a workout programme, or sign up for online coaching.

Everything I do is 100% customised to your needs and goals. 

Workout Plans
to Follow Alone

Everything from sets and reps, to recommended tempos
and intensities.

Nutritional Guidance/
Meal Plans

Take the guess work out of your nutritional needs, fully customised meal plans available.

Private or
Group Training

Train with me one-to-one or with a friend. Added benefit of a loud bald man making you work harder.

Online​ Coaching 

& Transformations

Never guess again. Includes every meal and workout done for you, along with recommended supplements and rest periods.

"It's not over until I win"

Les Brown,

motivational speaker



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