Client Testimonials

Josh Wardell client testimonials

I won't buy anything without reading the reviews first and neither should you! I've worked with a wide variety of people in the past and here is just a small cross section of what past and present Clients have had to say!

I have been with Josh just over 12 months now and have transformed significantly from a size 20/22 to a size 16/14 weighing initially 235lbs and now 181. My shape has changed dramatically and I have changed from the shy introvert I was when I 1st met him to a more confident outgoing person. He is very knowledgeable, passionate and keen to help anyone who is wanting to lose weight/get in shape. The gym has literally saved my life and I enjoy going everyday working on new routines and making gains, I have become a total gym rat and I LOVE it. Thank you so much for all of the effort, hard work and understanding you have given me over the last 12 months and long may it continue. Josh gets to know his clients and what makes them tick and how to get the best out of them. He sets me new challenges every week to keep me interested/motivated and I am sure if it wasn’t for those I would have given up by now like I have done so many times in the past.

Book with him now he is an awesome PT you won’t regret it

- Toni aka 'The Warrior', 45  

I've lost 3kg in 4weeks, feeling better about myself each day. Cardio levels have gone through the roof and I'm now learning to push my body more and more everyday. I would never of dreamed of doing this prior to PT sessions with Josh. If you want someone to push you to your limits and beyond, he's your man.

- David, 30

Josh has been my Personal Trainer for the last 18 months. As I have suffered with Osteoporosis he has helped me immensely to make my back a lot stronger. He is most helpful and he is a pleasure to have as my Personal Trainer.

- Norah, 63

Josh is very professional, and has a wealth of knowledge. He is encouraging and in the short time I have been training with him, he is giving me the confidence to lift heavy weights, facing a mirror, which is something I have never been comfortable with.  I am actually beginning to like what I see !  I look forward to my workout each week, there is always something different thrown in the mix !


Josh is more than a PT, he is also like a mentor and I would highly recommend him !

-Michelle, 45

Josh took into consideration my fibromyalgia and hyper mobility from day 1, he was keen to listen and ask how to best support me, give advice with me in mind, whilst still pushing me to work hard. Josh has shown a lot of care and patience in every session, willing to adapt exercises to suit my condition, which to me, really puts the 'personal' in 'personal trainer.'As a person he is very approachable,friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable about exercise, nutrition and how the body works. His sessions are always different, challenging and, dare I say! I would not hesitate to recommend Josh to anyone

-Naomi, 24

Josh was the first PT at the gym to say hello and ask, with sincerity, how you doing? He'd sit down with me if I had any questions and provide guidance and advice freely then next time he saw me, ask about my progress.
Engaging Josh for personal training was the best decision ever! His knowledge on how to achieve goals is unquestionable; his knowledge about nutrition and how that will help achieve goals is tried and tested and works ; his ability to motivate you and achieve what seems impossible comes directly from the heart.  Why? Because he cares about you as an individual, knows where you have been and what the challenges are in your transformational journey. Plus he wants you to succeed and see that smile on your face when you do because you will achieve your goals with him. 
He's a genuine guy and completely professional with phenomenal pride in what he does.  In short, Josh is fab! 

-Suzanne, 46